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Merry Christmas and may the season be filled with wonder, many blessings and much LOVE.  The New Year, 2016  be gentle and surround you with many good memories, laughter, family, health and abundance.  Hugs Sheila

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  1. Olivia Dingman says:

    Merry Christmas Sheila with much Love and Gratitude for the many blessings and help throughout the past year and know that 2016 will bring much laughter . You always inspire and seem to know when I am in need of rebooting! Thanks for teaching me how to treat myself ….with the same love and kindness as we do others. Happy Winter Solstice tonight.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thank You to the friend who inspires me, meeting her challenges head on, The Goddess you are. Merry Christmas

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